Limitless Possibilities

We’re Not Slowing Down: A Conversation with Sozon Vatikiotis

Episode Summary

John Pelle, Senior Director of Communications & Brand at Acrisure, welcomes you to Season 2 and, in this first episode, has an insightful conversation with Sozon “Soz” Vatikiotis, Chief Operating Officer at Acrisure. Soz tackles Acrisure’s intentional history of bold actions and current transformation with candor and transparency. He also explores how leaders can approach transformation in a way that engages their teams along the way. “As soon as I think I’ve seen it all, I get surprised and we’re going to go do bigger, bolder and more innovative things.” — Sozon Vatikiotis

Episode Notes

Key Takeaways:

[1:17] A brief history of Acrisure’s ambitious growth strategy.

[6:10] Why Acrisure chose to transform again.

[9:50] Getting comfortable with change.

[10:40] How can organizations transform what needs to be disrupted but keep what needs to be foundational and stable?

[14:44] Why proper connectivity, awareness, and education with all key stakeholders is important during transformation.

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Notable Quotes:

“Change is the constant in Acrisure; we are always looking for ways to improve.” — Sozon Vatikiotis

“We’ve created something that’s incredible today but could be once in a generation tomorrow.” — Sozon Vatikiotis

“You have to maintain the right connectivity with all key stakeholders, and then there have to be constant awareness, education, and engagement.”

 — Sozon Vatikiotis