Limitless Possibilities

Real Madrid Keeps Going Further

Episode Summary

John Pelle welcomes Acrisure’s Chief Digital Officer, Tamara Zaichkowsky, and Steven Mandis, Senior Academic Advisor with FIFA, author of "The Real Madrid Way" and Chairman of Payments, Capital and Data Analytics at Fintech firm Kalamata Capital. They discuss how to take winning to the next level in successful organizations, from international fútbol sensation Real Madrid to innovative global Fintech Acrisure. Listen in to discover why these two organizations chose moments of success to reimagine what’s possible for fans and clients.

Episode Notes

What I learned very quickly is that winning is important, but it's actually much more than that.” – Steven Mandis


Key Takeaways:

[1:40] The evolution of Acrisure’s digital marketplace.

[3:10] Steven’s journey connecting investing, finance and sports and entertainment.

[9:15] Why Real Madrid elected to transform during a period of success.

[11:44] What to do when winning is not enough.

[15:14] Behind the scenes of Acrisure’s digital transformation to create better client experiences.


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Notable Quotes:

People were obviously happy with winning, but they weren't winning the way that they wanted to win with the players that they wanted to win with.” – Steven Mandis

We’re using not only the applications we put in place, but the feedback that’s coming from those to ultimately build out better products and provide greater customer service.” – Tamara Zaichkowsky 

We’re not waiting to be disrupted or waiting for a reason to transform.” – John Pelle