Limitless Possibilities

How to Win Fans On and Off the Pitch

Episode Summary

In this dynamic follow-up to Episode 3, John Pelle is joined again by Acrisure’s Chief Digital Officer, Tamara Zaichkowski, and Steven Mandis, Senior Academic Advisor with FIFA, author of The Real Madrid Way and Chairman of Payments, Capital and Data Analytics at Fintech firm Kalamata Capital. They dive even deeper into how and why incredibly successful organizations should proactively change to achieve even greater heights. Join us for a discussion on the role of brand, customer engagement and data analytics between two very different organizations that share a spirit of transformation.

Episode Notes

“Why do you need to transform when you are successful as it is?” — Steven Mandis


Key Takeaways:

[1:34] How Real Madrid looked beyond the sports industry to build a premiere global brand.

[4:40] Ways in which data transformed the Real Madrid fan experience.

[7:01] Tamara discusses ways to track and measure the success of digital transformation efforts.

[10:17] Steven explores the critical role culture plays in tying it all together. 

[13:05] Why Acrisure is changing the way business is traditionally done.


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Notable Quotes:

“Having direct access to customers, to be able to touch and connect to fans, is really important for loyalty and passion and people sharing experiences together.” — Steven Mandis

“We're very thoughtful around the way in which we deliver technology so that it is focused on the end user now, but also in the future.” – Tamara Zaichkowsky

Culture is the glue that holds the organization together.” – Steven Mandis